What it all comes down to….

So, I guess I started a blog. Weird. I’m not sure if anyone will read this, but I guess it’s just a place to put down all these extra thoughts in my head. Lately, my mind is consumed with all the crazy things that happen in our world from day to day. You can hear about a new murder in the news daily… another child lost to an angry parent, a spouse or partner lost to jealousy, rage, pain, kids killing kids. You have ISIS across the world just decimating people at an alarming rate. I sometimes wonder, “why even get out of bed? There’s so much hate, so much pain, so much darkness in the world.” And it’s true. For every happy, uplifting story you hear, there are 3 more dark and depressing ones. If it’s not the murder and pain in the world that we read about, it’s conflict. Conflict over whose to blame for the decline of our economy, conflict over what direction we are supposed to take, which ideals should continue to shape our country, whose rights, religious beliefs, agendas should be accepted and whose should not. It’s tiresome, in my opinion. Someone somewhere is always being offended, ostracized, neglected. Do I have my own fundamental beliefs? Yes. Do I think mine are the correct beliefs? At least for me, they are. Do I make room for the fact that I might be wrong? MOST ASSUREDLY SO! Bottom line of it all is this, regardless of what I believe, what I stand for, what I want, I still appreciate and love people from all faiths, all political parties, all ideals. I think there is a reason the Bible tells us repeatedly to love one another. Call me naive, call me a dreamer, but I believe that if everyone followed that simple rule, the world would be a lot better place. This concept is not foreign to most people. But from the looks of it, its a hard one to follow. Why? because we want what we want, because we all believe in different things, we all stand for different things. But isn’t that what makes us special? Do we all need to believe the same thing, think the same thing to love each other? I don’t think so. I can tell you, I honestly love people. I love meeting new people, making new friends and they do not have to have the same beliefs, opinions or ideals as I do. I really truly believe that if everyone just spread a little love around, maybe things could change. Every movement started with just one idea, one person. But you have to want it and most importantly, you have to mean it….


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