Life IS beautiful

It’s so strange to me… this thing we call adulthood. See, I’ve been an adult for a long time, but some days I still feel like a kid. I think back to what I imagined I’d be doing at this stage on my life. Wow, would the young Sarah be disappointed. But the woman I am now is not. Yes, my life took a completely different path. I’m not famous, I’m not skinny, and I’m certainly not rich, at least with money. But I have so much to be grateful for. I am healthy, though my daily aches and pains remind me that I am in fact growing older. I am not homeless, I have a humble yet beautiful home. I have family that I love and friends that love me at my worst, cry with me, laugh with me, and stand beside me through it all. I am not off a half a world a way fighting in a war that seems to be without end, but I am for sure thankful for those who are. Life is all about how you look at it. Yes, I have my trials  and I have past hurts and disappointment. I am not naive to what the world is really like. But at the end of the day, I have what matters and I bet you do too. The trials and tribulations make you stronger, the adversity makes you grow. The things you truly want, you fight for. So, I implore you, find the beauty in your life. If you don’t like your job, change it. If you’re stuck in a place you don’t like, change it. If you want to be a better person, don’t just say it do it. If you have dreams, go after them and if you fail, then pick yourself up after a good cry and try again and try HARDER. Life is what you make it. You get to choose. So DO IT!! Life IS beautiful!!!!


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