Why I smile…

You know those people that you get around and immediately feel better? The ones who impress (or annoy, if you are a pessimist) you because they are always smiling and positive? I’ll let you in on a secret. Most of those people have their fair share of bad days. Just because they smile, because they choose to have a positive attitude, doesn’t mean that their lives are perfect. It just means that they choose to dance in the rain. I’ll admit, my attitude doesn’t always lean toward the positive, but when I stop to think about it, I feel better if I find the silver lining then I do if I sit and cry about it. I mean, do you really feel better if you walk around like a crab, with a scowl on your face, pissing and moaning about how life isn’t fair? Basically all you do is isolate yourself from people who do not want to be around your crabby ass and that dark cloud of distress follows you around. So, my goal from here on out is to spread joy and encouragement by embracing life’s challenges. Got a crabby teen/kid running around your home complaining about everything? Be thankful that they are healthy enough to argue with you. I bet there is a mother somewhere who lost her child and would be grateful to hear her kid complain to her one more time. Work is insane and you can’t catch your breath? Be grateful you have a job to pay your bills and keep you in your home and your children fed. I am sure there is a homeless family who would be happy to have the chaos of a job and steady paycheck. Smile, make your joy contagious. You never know who you might touch or the wave of positivity you could start if you just smiled! I’ll say it again, Life is hard. But its the challenges that make you appreciate the goods, the lows that make you grateful for the highs, the trials that strenthen you. Remember it all comes down to attitude! You get to choose the kind of day you are going to have, the kind of life you are going to live, and the example and impression you leave on this world.


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